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Sep. 20th, 2004 @ 09:57 pm weekends end too quickly
Current Mood: indescribableindescribable
hello everyone well i got home from jays tonight i was there since friday sounds long but the day go soo fast when im over there and now im sitting here lonly agian cuz his dad is an ass and i cant talk to him which kinda sucks cuz i love talkin to him bout our weekend and tellin him how much it meant to me ect... well we did have a great weekend we rented movies<*soul palne,jersey girl, barbor shop 2, 13 going on 30* and i bought him the punisher we also went to see manchurian candidate which freaked me out since jays goin away in the army soon ud have to see it to understand we hung out ate some tyson chicken nuggets mmm cooca puffs and ice cream sundaes but not all in the same night dont worry lol we also went to the flea market which was fun got some mini doughnuts and fudge mmm hehe and inbetween all that he cuddled me and loved on me and gave me soo many kisses it was a great weekend but it ended way to quickly and now im sad to be away from him i love him so much and i miss every moment im not with his especially since he leave nov 9 i feel like its movin way to fast im not ready or prepared enough and i dont kno how to handle it ayye je wiz now im gonna start tearin up well i wish n hope maybe jay will be allowed to use the phone or computer a lil later i love u baby ur the best thing in this world thats ever happend to me mwahs all over
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